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In case you guys are unaware - I do take commissions here.  For individuals I charge a flat rate, instead of hourly, that usually ends up being about 1/3 of what I charge museums, so I’m not terribly expensive (…yet).  It does depend on how complicated the commission is.  Obviously, I specialize in highly detailed pen and ink drawings, and I can do pretty much anything you want.

I’m also still selling original drawings, if you want one!  You can see them here.

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Hi guys!  I have decided to start selling off my original drawings.  Everything you see on this blog, or on my website, is available, with the exception of the mastodon tooth, button, and pathological spine.

The drawings are between 9”x12”, and 14”x17”.  They will cost between $100 and $250, depending on the size and the time involved, and I can stick them in poster frames for you if you like.  If you want to buy the rights to them as well, we can talk about that.  Some of the drawings, like the scapulas, skull studies, and pelvic girdle studies, appear on the same page.

Send me a message here if you are interested!

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